Born August 25, 1983
Eye  color: Green
Weight 120lbs.
Piercings: Ears

Everyone always say "How did you get into this business?" Well, I was doing modeling and everyone always wanted to see my boobs! I put it off for about 3 years. Then met a company that offered me a sweet deal to finally show my assests off.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel comfortable being naked in front of people but it just came so naturally!By the time I turned 21 I decided to turn things up a notch and try hardcore scenes. Low and behold I found a new love and appreciation for the meat stick =)

As well as perfoming in front of the camera for all you I am just a normal girl next door who loves to do normal things. I cook, clean, go to the beach, rollerblade, kayak, hike, read tons of books, and my personal favorite SLEEP!!

I am very excited to have a site where all of you can really get to know the real me! Please enjoy to the fullest!